June 30, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Teacher (on summer break)

I saw this fun linky party with Second Grade Nest and just knew I had to join! As teachers most of us count the months weeks days hours seconds until summer vacation. Our lives our wonderful but very busy and hectic for 10 plus months out of the year. We then cram everything we want to do, try, and visit into 2 wonderful months. Let's be honest now, none of the days we are posting look anything like this in September :) Anyways- here is a glimpse at my wonderful life until August 12th!!!

In the summer my alarm clock comes in the form of two little boys! My body almost never lets me sleep in past 8:30 am but they normally make sure I'm up long before then. Today wasn't too bad. I got the whining and licking at about 7:45. Definitely better then the alarm going off at 6:00 am!!!! I hop out of bed and take the babies potty and begin my day.

I begin my day with breakfast- today was a delicious and totally unhealthy bowl of Captain Crunch and iced coffee- and taking care of all my social media fixes... you know Facebook, Bloglovin, Twitter, email, etc.

I normally get about a half hour to an hour before the sad face totally tears me away from my "work". This is the "mommy it looks so nice outside, I wish I was out there" face. So I drag the husband outside for a mile to two mile walk so my little baby replaces his sad eyes with happy eyes! They love being outside and would be out there forever if they could. Can't wait till we have a backyard and I can make their wish come true.

Because it's Sunday, the husband and I then headed off to grab some more coffee and go to church.

After church we stopped at Whole Foods for some corn on the cob for dinner. When I walked in the door I thought I had died and gone to heaven---- I was surrounded by peonies. I {puffy heart} love peonies. They are hands down the most beautiful flower EVER! My wonderful husband picked me up a gorgeous arrangement which was on sale for $13!!!! Then a final stop at Joann Fabrics for some scrapbook paper and we headed home!

It was so beautiful outside today so I took a blanket and my book for grad school to the patio. The boys loved being out there.... but it was so hot. I decided to make them a little pool!!! They loved it. I finished reading my whole book! It was so good, but a lot to read in depth in just about a week.

I worked up quite an appetite after reading and studying, thank goodness the husband was already starting to cook. We had a delicious dinner that screams summer- Macaroni Salad, Corn on the Cob, Steak, and Green KOOLAID!!! After eating I wasn't ready to give up my time in the sun so the hubby and I headed down to the pool for a little while. The pool water is SOOO much water colder than the water in Florida, but I still can't resist.

I spent the remainder of the evening watching my favorite hangover movies! While watching and laughing hysterically I was working on my first few products for Teachers Pay Teachers and my project for Monday Made It.

After a very long day we are all so sleepy! Another quick little potty walk and then it is time to hit the sack! Big day in this house tomorrow- Husband has a teaching interview and I start my part time summer job (and somehow try to cram in more reading before Tuesday) Stop on by and link up