March 19, 2014

Stitch Fix- Teacher Fashion

A few weeks ago I heard about this "new" thing called Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is an awesome personal shopping service, where your very own personal shopper hand picks items for you and mails them to you.
This was something I had to try. Why? Well 1st because I don't really ever try anything new. Most of my clothes come from the exact same store, most are the same style and the same color. I needed to get out of my comfort zone. 2nd I am at such an awkward age. I am only 25 and don't want to get older. I still shop in the junior section because I simply can't step into the Misses yet. However, as a teacher I also have to look professional. I am still not quite sure how to look both young and professional at the same time. Hence- personal shopper! If you want to know more about how to get your own stitch fix, I included info at the bottom!

I was SUPER excited when I received the email that my box was on it's way! Today, I came home to my first fix. The box was waiting on my step, and inside it was like a pretty wrapped present!

There were 5 items in my box, along with a letter from my personal shopper and cute idea cards to help me use my items. (And of course a price sheet!)

The first item was a pair of stud earrings. They were huge studs- which I love! However they weren't amazing. They didn't scream- BUY me. Status- Sent back

The second item was a gorgeous turquoise color block sundress. The dress was beautiful and super light. Sadly, it was a little too big for me. Status- Sent back 

The third item was a white 3/4 sleeve blouse. It was super light, flowy, and feminine. Great fit, and so me. The problem is it was too me. I have many just like it in my closet. Status- Sent back 

The fourth item was a cute gray crochet detail top. I am still deciding on this one. I love the color and feel, but not sure about the short sleeves, as it is something I would wear for fall or winter. Status- not sure

The last item was a bright red and blue chevron top. The fit was perfect! Colors are bold and out of my comfort zone and I LOVED it! Status- Kept

I love it and will definitely be getting another box next month. My stylist learned a little more about my preference and size this time and I know next month will be that much better!!!! 
If you want to check it out for yourself GO!

How does it work?

  1. 1. Sign Up and Complete Your Style Profile

    After signing up you can start immediately on your Style Profile. We need to know your size, shape, style, budget, and lifestyle to get your Fix right. The Style Profile will take about 10 minutes to complete.
  2. 2. Schedule a Stitch Fix

    Pick a shipment date, and we’ll send you a box of 5 clothing and accessory items we’ve hand-picked just for you. You can even opt to schedule a monthly delivery if you'd like.
    You pay a $20 styling fee when your stylist selects the items in your Stitch Fix. This $20 fee will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment.
  3. 3. Try On All Of Your Items

    Try on everything we send you—you never know what you’ll like until you see it on. Pair each piece with items already in your closet to try different outfit options. Each item includes style cards with ideas and inspiration on how to wear it.
  4. 4. Decide

    Take 3 days to decide what you’ll keep. Return the items you don't want in our pre-paid mailing bag at any USPS mailbox.
  5. 5. Check Out

    Login to your account and pay for those items you kept. If you buy all 5 items you save 25% off the entire shipment price. Leave feedback for next time! 


  1. I like the detail on the grey top -- and (in my not-a-fashion-expert opinion) grey goes great with pastels like yellow and mint for spring! I wonder if you kept it?

  2. Hi Heather! What a shame about that color block dress. It is gorgeous! I'm hosting a Stitch Fix linky and I would LOVE for you to come link up.


  3. I love the top you kept! I like the gray top as well. It's always nice to have great neutrals that go with anything. I think you should keep it as long as you like the fit.

    Fit to be Fourth