June 27, 2016

Monday Made It

Linking up to start the week with #MondayMadeIt 

It's been a crazy 2 weeks of summer so far. I am busy get prepped and ready for another amazing year! 

I have been slaving away the last few days creating a new clean and colorful label set for my classroom this year. I was having so much fun creating it, I just kept going! I am so excited for this beautiful baby and cannot wait to use it in August! It's 20% for the first 48 hours to celebrate! Stop by and grab it for $1.60 until Wednesday night! Pick them up here!

It's a little late but I wanted to share the simple, quick, and cheap end of the year thank you gift I put together for my parent volunteers. Lets be real for a minute, great volunteers make the classroom experience that much better. In all honesty, I may have lost it a few times throughout the year with everything there was to do and these three lovely ladies stepped up, often with very little notice, to help out! 

Throughout the year, I snapped a photo of the parent volunteers helping in the classroom with their child. I edited them only to make them black and white, because black and white images are just so precious and seem really upscale to me-- then sent them out for prints. I picked up three simple black 4x6 frames at Dollar Tree and VOILA! I found these super cute summery bags at the Dollar Tree too. Throw in a thank you card from the heart and prepare for tears! I also added in some extra treats, but the photo was the best and I could have done just that! 

Frame $1.00
Photo print $0.19 
Thank you card $1.00 (for pack of 8)
Cute gift bag $1.00


  1. Those Dollar Tree bags are darling!! I enjoyed your blog post! Pam  Visit my blog at PJ Jots!

  2. Parents love getting pictures with their child. It's always a great gift to give! Good luck on all your new adventures!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. What a thoughtful gift for your volunteers! Thank you for linking up:)

  4. I love your gift for your volunteers! So sweet.

  5. I'm sure your volunteers loved this gift. A picture with your child is always priceless because time flies so fast!

    Elementary Engagement

    1. They absolutely loved it! Thank you