February 10, 2017

Five for Friday: Another Week in 3rd Grade

Another great week in 3rd grade! 

Math training "Increasing Student Proficiency in Math Part 1" 

Love getting out to talk with other teachers about how they do things! 

Tried text mapping with our non-fiction text. We started simple, the text was only 4 pages... but it was REALLY cool! Can't wait to try this again and again! 

Speaking of text mapping, we have been working all about text features and I finally posted this bad boy up to TPT. A few hours of touching up and this creation from my first year of teaching was posted! Check it out - CLICK HERE!

We continued our measurement and data unit with some awesome tools and hands on activities this week! Love when math automatically makes itself engaging! Great activity from What I Have Learned

Because I shared about our positivity journey. Here is another favorite that got us through the week! 

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