February 20, 2015

Five for Friday! One crazy week

Five for Friday

It's been a CRAZY few weeks! Check it out below! 

We were lucky enough to have mid winter break at a great time- we escaped the winter tundra and flew to Florida for a wonderful vacation! We flew down to Tampa and spent the night and day there before heading onto the boat towards Cozumel. It was an amazing 5 days in the sunshine! We got to lay in the sun, walk around together, and just be super silly! We were even lucky enough to see family on our last day before heading home. 

While hubby and I were enjoying ourselves in the sunshine, our babies stayed with my parents. They were wonderful and kept them for a whole week. My mom even brought them to work with her so they wouldn't be alone. Breaks my heart to be away from them- look at this! I missed them so much!!!!

While in Florida, I picked up this ADORABLE Starbucks mug. It's keeping me happy now that I'm back home to snow and WAY too cold temperatures. It's filled with lemon mint water now that hubby and I are starting Whole 30. 

Prior to break, we began our states of matter unit! This is my ABSOLUTE favorite science concept to teach to the little ones. There are so many amazing things you can do with it! Besides that, we have got to the point in the year when we start partner editing. They did so well!!! 

Just sayin'

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  1. What a cute mug! I love getting mugs from places I travel :) they make me smile in the morning. I live in Michigan and have seen that same "air hurts my face" picture - so sad and true.