March 17, 2015

Literacy Activities for Easter Time Fun!

I know you all have seen all the adorable activities on pinterest that teachers created to use those bright colorful plastic eggs this time of year! 
Like this one....

or this one?

We are teaching blends for the next few weeks and I figured how PERFECT! So I went out to the dollar store and picked up a few packs of eggs and some cute buckets to put them in and got started creating! 

 * see the puppy in the picture- he was pretty excited to find out what was in the eggs :) 

The kids loved it and were more than happy to dive into their word work station today. Here are pictures of two of the activities in the pack....

Word Hunt requires the students to find two parts of the egg that go together to make a word. I made a couple different sets of eggs for my different leveled groups. My higher students had beginning and ending blends and digraphs added in their bucket. While my lower group were practicing just a few digraphs and cvc words in their bucket.

My firsties absolutely love real vs. nonsense sorts, so I just knew I had to add one in the pack. Here the students make a word and decide if it is a real word or if it doesn't make any sense. His word "lanch" is going into the nonsense column because it isn't a real word. 

If you're interested in checking out the easter time literacy centers click here

Hope you enjoy! And have an "Egg"cellent Tuesday! :) 

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