April 14, 2015


Monday marked a very sad end to spring break. My alarm went off way too early and I drug myself back to school happily returned to my smiling 1st grade friends! As we all know, after spring break there are only a few short months left before the end of the school year. This means lots of things... #somuchtoteach #notenoughtimetodoitall #crazychildren #toomuchenergy #4thquarterstruggles

So how exactly do I plan to fight these feelings of exhaustion and keep my wonderful children focused and engaged throughout the last 9 weeks?

Hands down this is my addiction! Living in Florida, it's way too hot for coffee most of the year. So when I found this secret menu refresher recipe last spring I had to try it and I WAS HOOKED! I have tried starting my morning without it, and it never fails... each day without this delicious beverage is horrid! 

Every year so far I have implemented countdowns and rewards to encourage good behavior. I have used both balloons like in the Pinterest pic above and envelopes. I will definitely do this again this year! 

Routines and structure for as long as possible! Things like our amazing literacy block everyday will not change. Thanks to Deanna and DeeDee my kids will be rocking it out for a little while longer! 

Silly time and lots of brain breaks! GoNoodle will be on point the next 43 days as we will need it so we don't lose our sanity! 

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  1. I'm a Starbucks addict too!! =) And I love your balloons. How fun for them!