January 23, 2016

Five for Friday

Another wonderful week over here in Florida. Weather has finally cooled down and I am loving it! This week was also our 1st week in the 3rd Quarter- which means the year is officially over half way done! So I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday!

Many of you already know that my husband is also a teacher. Life in our house is crazy busy all the time. Especially since until recently we were both also full time graduate students. So for Christmas I gave hubby the coolest gift, a year full (1 per month) of dates. Time together is the best present! Well hilariously enough, he was feeling the same way because he did the same thing for me. He planned out 6 wonderful dates that we can go on throughout the year to spend more time together. So 2016 is going to be full of amazing experiences for us! Anyways.... Our first date was something we were both really excited about. It's called a Do Good Date Night. It's something recently started by Orlando Date Night Guide. The first part of your date is volunteering and the second is fun and food. Our event was perfect for our teaching sides because we were sorting books to be given to at risk youth and then we played (and DOMINATED) trivia! It was nice to give back, meet some great people, and the cherry on top was a gift card for $50 for restaurants in the area. So another date night!!!! 


Can't have a post with out these two! They are The Elementary Journey mascots! Due to the colder and rainier weather, there sad faces have been extra mopey and cuddly this week. I don't mind the cuddly part! They came into the classroom with me during teacher workday to help me get some office organization and filing done. 


My husband, besides being a teacher, is also a kick ass furniture builder. Seriously though, he has some mad carpentry skills! He built my table and bench for me and it's finally done and it he house. I LOVE it.... {OBSESSED} Of course it didn't stay cleaned off and pretty for long, it took about 4 hours before it was covered in teaching and planning materials! 

We kicked off the 3rd quarter reviewing main idea and key details. Check back tomorrow for a post on how we mastered this standard this week in 3rd grade! 

The Brown Bag Teacher blogger Catherine Reed shared a post a few weeks ago on a quick and awesome reflection tool she uses at the end of the day. To ensure students were starting off the 2nd half of the year ready to rock and roll (and to combat all the crazy from indoor recess and PE) we tried it out and it was great! Click here to read more


  1. I tried the same reflection technique after reading her awesome post!!! OK. I need to purchase one of your husband's tables. Wish I lived in Florida so I could commission one!!

    1. Did it work just as great for your friends! Yeah shipping on one of these beasts would not be cheap. Shucks!