January 17, 2015

Five for Friday (on Saturday!)

Link up!

Very excited over here for another 3 day weekend! I have TONS of grad work and cleaning to do, so I will happily take the extra day off. Of course before I start that I have to do my five for friday! 

Our theme for the last few weeks has been about penguins, which is one of my favorite units. I borrowed a 2nd grade Scholastic News to use with my higher babies this week. We worked on asking deeper level questions while reading. They did great! They never cease to amaze me! 

Thankfully, we also transitioned to the informational writing unit in Write Steps. The timing couldn't be better! The kiddos are loving writing all they know about penguins each day, and I love teaching informational writing- it's a win-win!

While hubs and I have been married and living together for a few years now, our bedroom still looks like we just moved in. It was the last room to get some pizazz! Slowly, we are trying to make it pretty. The "hello" sign from Hobby Lobby was our inspiration piece, and we are working from there. We went to the thrift store this weekend and found a few more cheap finds to add to the room.... now if we could just settle down so we could add a coat of paint!

This little one is really ready for mom to be done with grad school. What a coincidence, I'm ready too! Even though it's extra work, I am really excited about my courses this semester. I have an amazing professor who is teaching Reading, Writing, and the Inquiry Process and so far it's amazing! I don't mind the readings or the assignments at all! (he isn't too interested though)

Finally bought this baby! I tried a sample in a birch box and fell in love! It's the best highlighter for contouring EVER! Such a gorgeous shade! 


  1. I'm so impressed with the example of your student's penguin writing! Wow. Have a great weekend! Sonja from Grade One Snapshots.

    1. Thank you! They have been working so hard this year and are just SO in love with penguins!

  2. Looks like you're off to a good start with your bedroom decor :). Even just those little touches make it feel cozier, right?


    1. It's amazing what even the few pieces do!