January 9, 2016

Five for Friday

Linking up again today with Five for Friday to share all about what's happening this week in 3rd grade and in my crazy life....

My kiddos came back from break ready to rock and roll this week! Which is good because we had a hard topic to tackle in math... Fractions on number lines YIKES! I came prepared with awesome activities for centers and extra hands on practice for small group... and guess what? They did GREAT! 

This awesome free printable came from Mr. Elementary Math! Check it out here!

These kiddos are loving number line bingo from Blair Turner. Check them out here

On Thursday I gave a presentation to fellow teachers and leadership, all about how we make learning fun in my classroom. The picture is horrible but it was awesome. Great to keep building these experiences to make sure I'm ready! #literacycoachinthemaking 

Given it's also a new year. I have been part of a 21 day fix group trying to make healthier choices. Oh goodness is it tough! But thanks to my new Michigan cup, water is a breeze. #GoBLUE 

Going back after breaks = leaving my boys = SUPER HARD 
No joke. Really hard. For everyone involved. 
But lots of extra morning and evening snuggles help ease the pain (even if only a little)

Now that I no longer have masters work and teaching to focus on at the same time.... I am loving all the extra time I get to spend with my husband. I am so grateful that I had the chance to pursue my dreams and accomplish a higher degree.... but boy was it exhausting. And it really did take a lot from my own personal life and marriage! 

Here's to another successful week in a wonderful new year! 

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  1. Those look like some great fraction activities! How fun for your kids. :)